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HSC Board Mahrashtra Chapter 9 Cordination CompoundsSA

1➤ What is a coordination compound?

=> Ans. Coordination compound: This is a compound which consists of a central metal atom or metal ion linked by coordinate covalent bonds to a number of oppositely charged ions (anions), or neutral molecules (ligands) and exhibits the properties different than the properties of constituents of the compound. For example, K[Fe(CN),l[C@(NH,) JC1,, etc. K[Fe(CN), 4K+ [Fe(CN), 1

2➤ What are ligands? OR Define ligand

=> Ans. Ligands: The neutral molecules or negatively charged anions (or rarely positive ions) which are bonded by coordinate bonds to the central metal atom or metal ion in a coordination compound are called ligands or donor groups. For example, in [Cu(CN), 1², four CN ions are ligands coordinated to central metal ion Cu²+

3➤ What is an ambidentate ligand?

=> Ans. Ambidentate ligand: A ligand molecule or an ion which has two or more donor atoms, however in the formation of a complex, only one donor atom is attached to the metal atom or an ion is called ambidentate ligand. For example, NO, which has two donor atoms N and 0 forming a coordinate bond, MONO (nitrito) or M-NO₂ (nitro).

4➤ Write. chloride. the formula for tetraamineplatinum(II)

=> Ans. Formula for tetraamineplatinum(II) chloride: [Pt(NH) JC1₂.

5➤ What is the IUPAC name of Na,[CO(NO₂).]?

=> Ans. Na,[CO(NO₂)al: Sodium hexanitrocobaltate.

6➤ Write coordination number of Fe* in [Fe(C₂O), complex ion.

=> Ans: In [Fe(C₂O)), three bidentate co; ligands, that is, total six donor atoms are attached to ferric ion (Fe). Therefore, the coordination number of Fe ion in the complex ion is six.

7➤ Write chemical composition of carnalite.

=> Ans: The chemical composition of carnalite is KCI.MgCl₂.6H₂O.

8➤ Write oxidation number of iron in [Fe(CO),].

=> Ans: The charge on complex [Fe(CO),] is 0. A (O.S. of Fe + charge on ligands) = 0 (O.S. of Fe + 6x charge of CO) = 0 (O.S. of Fe + 6 x 0) = 0 Therefore, O.S. of Fe = 0

9➤ Calculate effective atomic number of iron in [Fe(CN), complex ion.

=> Ans: Oxidation state of Fe is +2 and ligands donate 12 electrons. Z=26, X 2, Y = 12 EAN of Fe-Z-X+Y = 26-2+12=36

10➤ Write the type of isomerism exhibited by [Co(NH,)s(NO₂)]* [Co(NH₂),ONO] pair of complex ion.

=> Ans: The type of isomerism exhibited is linkage isomerism.

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