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1➤ Name the buffer which is used to maintained pH of 8 to 10 for precipitation of cations III A group in qualitative analysis.

=> Ans: Ammonium hydroxide + Ammonium chloride (NH,OH + NH,CI) buffer

2➤ Write the solubility product of sparingly soluble salt Bi₂S3.

=> Ans: Bi-S 2B +38)

3➤ What is the pOH if the hydrogen ion concentration in solution is

=> 1x 10¹ mol dm? Ans: pH = -log[H₂O'] = -log[1 x 10']=3 pH + pOH = 14 pOH = 14-pH=14-3=11 4. Write the relationship between molar solubility (S) and solubility product (K₁p) for CaF₂ Ans: CaF2C+2) x = 1, y = 2 Kpx'y' S (1) (2) S¹2=4S³

4➤ Give any one example of salt derived from weak acid and weak base.

=> Ans: Ammonium acetate, CH,COONH₂

5➤ Write the formula to calculate pH of buffer solution. Ans

=> The formula to calculate the pH of acidic buffer solution is: pH = pk, + log0 [Acid]

6➤ Label the one conjugate acid-base pair in the following reaction. + H₂OOH + HCO;

=> Ans: CO +H,O, — OH + HCO, Base Acid, t Conjugate acid-base pair

7➤ Calculate the pOH of 10* M of HCI.

=> cannot be effect. [H] 10 M but less than 10 M. H H₂O + OH a (10 + a) K[H] [OH]=(10* + a) a a² + ax 10-10-14-0 Solving above quadratic equation, we get a=0.95 x 10 [H] = 10 +0.95 x 107-1.05 x 10 M pH = -log[H] = -log[1.05 x 10"] -6.9788 pOH = 14-6.9788=7.0212 = 7

8➤ What is an ionic equilibrium?

=> Ans. Ionic equilibrium: The equilibrium between ions and unionised molecules of an electrolyte in solution is called an ionic equilibrium. CH₂COOH) CH₂COO(g) + H)

9➤ Write a reaction in which water acts as a base.

=> Ans. H₂O) + HCl = H₂O + CI Base, Acid, Acid, Base, Since water accepts a proton, it acts as a base.

10➤ If pH of a solution is 2, what is the concentration of OH in the solution?

=> pH + pOH = 14 POH=14-pH=14-2=12 [OH-] = Antilog -12.0=1 x 10-12 M.

11➤ How does pH of pure water vary with temperature? Explain.

=> Ans. Since the increase in temperature increases dissociation of water, its pH decreases.

12➤ What is a nature of a solution of a salt of weak acid and strong base?

=> Ans. The solution of a salt of weak acid and strong base is basic in nature. For example, a solution of NaCN.

13➤ What a buffer solution consists of?

=> Ans. (i) An acidic buffer solution consists of a weak acid and its salt of a strong base. For example, (CH₂COOH +CH,COONa). (ii) A basic buffer solution consists of a weak base and its salt of a strong acid. For example, (NH₂OH-NH₂C1).

14➤ Mention the common ion present in the following solutions: (a) A solution containing CH₂COOH and CH₂COONa (b) A solution containing NH OH and NH,CI.

=> Ans. (a) A solution containing CH₂COOH and CH,COONa has a 64 common ion CH,COO. (b) A solution containing NH OH and NH₂Cl has a common ion NH.

15➤ What is common ion?

=> Common ion: An ion common to two electrolytes is called common ion. This is generally applicable to a mixture of a strong and a weak electrolyte. For example, a solution containing weak electrolyte CH₂COOH and strong electrolyte salt CH,COONa. CH,COONa—CH COO +Na*; CH₂COOH=CH₂COO + H+ Hence, CH₂COOH and CH₂COONa have a common ion CH,COO™.

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