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HSC Board Mahrashtra Chapter 6 CHEMICAL KINETICS VSA

1➤ Write the expressions for rates of reaction for : 2N₂O(g) 4NO2(g) + O₂(g)?

=> Ans Answer Not Available

2➤ Q. 41. What are the units of rate constant of a first order reaction?

=> Ans. The units of rate constant (k) for the first order reaction is per time (or s ¹).

3➤ Q. 42. What do you mean by a complex reaction?

=> Ans. Complex reaction: A reaction which follows a simple rate law but takes place in a series of steps or elementary reactions is called a complex reaction.

4➤ Identify the molecularity and write the rate law for the following elementary reaction : NO()+OR) NO(g) +0(g)

=> Ans. For the reaction, NO+ONO-O Molecularity is 2. Rate law: Rate=k[NO] x [0₂]

5➤ Give two examples of a first order reaction.

=> Ans. The examples of first order reaction are: (1) Decomposition of H₂O₂: 2H,02H₂O) +0g) Ratek[H₂O₂] (2) Decomposition of N₂O, : 2N₂O4NO2+0 Rate=k[N,O,1

6➤ Give one example of pseudo first order reaction.

=> Ans: Hydrolysis of methyl acetate. CH,COOCH() + H₂O(CH₂COOH(aq) + CH₂OH(aq)

7➤ Write order of the following reaction: 2NH3)N) + 3H₂(g)

=> Ans: Decomposition of ammonia (in the presence of Pt catalyst) is a zero order reaction.

8➤ Identify molecularity of following reaction: C₂H₂l C₂H4 + HI

=> Ans: Molecularity of the given elementary reaction is 1.

9➤ Rate constant for the reaction 2N₂O,→ 4NO₂ + O₂ is 4.98 x 10¹s¹. Find the order of reaction?

=> Ans: Since the unit of rate constant is s', the reaction is first order.

10➤ Write a mathematical expression for integrated rate law for zero order Reaction?

=> Ans: The mathematical expression for integrated rate law for zero order reaction is kt = [A]o -[A]₁.

11➤ Name the slowest step that determines the rate in a complex reaction

=> Rate determining step

12➤ Give one example of zero order reaction.

=> Ans: Decomposition of nitrous oxide in the presence of Pt catalyst. 2N₂O) 2N2g) + O2(g)

13➤ What is the overall order of reaction?

=> Ans: The reaction is of second order in NO and first order in H, and the reaction is third order overall.

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