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HSC Board Mahrashtra Chapter 15 POLYMERS VSA

1➤ Which catalyst is used in the preparation of dacron?

=> Ans. Zinc acetate and antimony trioxide is used as catalyst in the preparation of dacron..

2➤ Write the monomer unit of teflon.

=> Ans. Monomer unit of teflon: Tetrafluoroethene (F₂C=CF₂).

3➤ Write examples of addition polymers and condensa tion polymers.

=> Ans. Addition polymers: Polyvinyl chloride, polythene Condensation polymers: Bakelite, terylene, Nylon-66

4➤ Name some chain growth polymers

=> Ans. Chain growth polymers: Polythene, polyacrylonitrile and polyvinyl chloride.

5➤ Define: Synthetic fibres.

=> Ans. The man-made fibres prepared by polymerization of one monomer or copolymerization of two or more monomers are called synthetic fibres.

6➤ ive one example each of copolymer homopolymer.

=> Ans. Homopolymer: PVC, Nylon-6 Copolymer: Terylene, Buna-S

7➤ What type of intermolecular force leads to high density polymer?

=> Ans. High density polymers have low degree of branching along the hydrocarbon chain. The molecules are closely packed together. during crystallization. This closer packing means that the van der Waals attraction between the chains are greater and so the plastic (high density polymer) is stronger and has a melting point.

8➤ Arrange the polymers in increasing order of their intermolecular forces: Nylon-6,6, Polythene, Buna-S.

=> Ans. The increasing order of their intermolecular forces of attraction follows the order: Buna-S. Polythene, Nylon-6.6.

9➤ Write the name and structure of the monomer units of butyl rubber.

=> Ans. The CH, monomer units of butyl rubber: Isobutylene CH, CH₂=C-CH, and isoprene CH₂=C-CH=CH₂

10➤ Which of the two is a copolymer PVC or PHBV?

=> Ans. The copolymer is PHBV.

11➤ Write the names of biodegradable polymers.

=> Ans. PHBV i.e. Polyhydroxy butyrate-CO-/-hydroxy valerate, Dextron, Nylon-2-nylon-6 are biodegradable polymers.

12➤ Write the number of carbon atoms present in the monomer used for preparation of nylon 6 polymer.

=> Ans: The monomer unit of nylon 6 (e-caprolactam) contains 6 carbon atoms.

13➤ Write the name of the catalyst used for preparation of high density polythene polymer.

=> Ans: Zieglar-Natta catalyst (triethylaluminium with titanium tetrachloride)

14➤ Write the name of the catalyst used for preparation of high density polythene polymer.

=> Ans: Zieglar-Natta catalyst (triethylaluminium with titanium tetrachloride)

15➤ Monomer used for preparation of polyacrylonitrile is

=> Ans: acrylonitrile (CH₂=CHCN)

16➤ Monomers ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid condensation polymerization to give polymer called

=> Ans: terylene (or Dacron)

17➤ Monomer of natural rubber iS

=> Ans: isoprene

18➤ Write the name of biodegradable polymer formed by two amino acids namely glycine and c-amino caproic acid.

=> Ans: Nylon 2-nylon 6

19➤ Functional group present in terylene polymer is

=> Ans: carboxylic acid

20➤ Write the name of the polymer obtained by polymerization of 2-chloro-1,3-butadiene

=> Neoprene

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