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HSC Board Mahrashtra Chapter 14 biomolecules VSA

1➤ Write the name of polysaccharide used for commercial preparation of glucose.

=> Ans: Starch

2➤ Draw the structure of a-D-glucopyranose.

=> Ans No Data Available

3➤ Write the structure of zwitter ion of alanine.

=> Ans No Data available

4➤ Write the name of the unit to which glucose unit is linked to form sucrose.

=> Ans: Fructose unit

5➤ Write the name of the base present in DNA but not found in RNA.

=> Ans: Thymine

6➤ Write the number of chiral carbon atoms present in fructose.

=> Ans: 4

7➤ How is glucose stored in the animal body?

=> Ans. Glucose is stored in the form of glycogen in the animal body.

8➤ Write other term used for carbohydrates.

=> Ans. Carbohydrates are often termed as saccharides or sugars.

9➤ How many moles of acetic anhydride will be required to form glucose penta acetate from 1 mole of glucose?

=> Ans. 10 moles of acetic anhydride.

10➤ What are reducing sugars?

=> Ans. Reducing sugars: Carbohydrates which reduce Fehling solution to red ppt of Cu,O or Tollen's reagent to shining metallic silver are called reducing sugars. All monosaccharides and oligosaccharides except sucrose are reducing sugars.

11➤ What are non-reducing sugars?

=> Ans. Non-reducing sugars: Carbohydrates which do not reduce Fehling solution and Tollen's reagent are called non-reducing sugars. E.g. sucrose.

12➤ Give an example each of reducing and non-reducing sugars.

=> Ans. Reducing sugars: Maltose or lactose Non-reducing sugars : Sucrose.

13➤ Name the linkage which joins two monosaccharide units through oxygen atom.

=> Ans. The linkage which joins two monosaccharide units through oxygen atom is called glycosidic linkage.

14➤ A nucleotide from DNA containing thymine is hydrolysed. What are the products formed?

=> Ans. When nucleotide from DNA containing thymine is hydrolysed, 2-deoxy-D-ribose, thymine and phosphoric acid is obtained.

15➤ How is zwitterion formed?

=> Ans. In aqueous solution, the carboxyl group loses a proton while the amino group accepts it, as a result, a dipolar or zwitter ion is

16➤ Name the amino acids which are synthesized in the body.

=> Ans. The amino acids which are synthesized in the body are called non-essential amino acids. Examples: Glutamic acid, serine.

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