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Q.1. Select and write the most appropriate answer from the given alternatives for each


  1. The unit of rate constant for zero order reaction is _______.

(A) t–1 (B) mol dm–3 t–1

(C) mol–1 dm3 t–1 (D) mol–2 dm6 t–1

     2.Which of the following is a basic oxide?

(A) SiO2 (B) P4O10

(C) MgO (D) Al2O3

     3.Which of the following is a basic oxide?

(A) SiO2 (B) P4O10

(C) MgO (D) Al2O3

Q.State Henry’s Law.

How does solubility of a gas in water varies with temperature?


a. Molality b. Osmotic pressure

Q.What happens when glucose is treated with

a. hydroxylamine? b. hydrogen cyanide?

Q.How is terylene prepared?

Q.What is lanthanoid contraction?

Q.Write names and chemical formulae of monomers used in preparing Buna-N.

Q.Classify the following molecular solids into different types:

a. HCl b. CO2

c. Solid ice d. SO2

Q.Define the following terms:

a. Cryoscopic constant b. Resistivity

Q.Define the order of chemical reaction.

Q.The density of silver having atomic mass 107.8 g mol1 Is 10.8 g cm3 If the edge length of cubic unit cell is 4.05 × 108cm, find he number of silver atoms in the unit cell.

(NA = 6.022 × 1023, 1 Å = 108cm)

Q.How much quantity of electricity in coulomb is required to deposit 1.346 × 103 kg of Ag in 3.5 minutes from AgNO3 solution? (Given : Molar mass of Ag is 108 × 103 kg mol1)

Q.Write a preparation of phenol from cumene?

Q.Distinguish between thermoplastic polymers and thermosetting polymers.

Q.Distinguish between thermoplastic polymers and thermosetting polymers.

Q.Convert benzene diazonium halide into aryl iodide.

Q.The layer of ozone acts as a protective umbrella. Explain.

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