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CHEMICAL THERMODYNAMICS HSC Chemistry Most Important Questions

  1. Define Enthalpy of  (15 Mins)
  • Sublimation 
  • Fusion
  • atomisation
  • Ionisation
  • Combustion 
  • Vaporisation 
  • Fusion 
  • Bond Enthalpy

     2.Derive (30 Mins)
  • Write the mathematical relation between ∆H and ∆U during formation of one mole of CO2 under standard conditions.
  • Derive an expression for pressure- volume work.
  • Derive an expression for the maximum work.

     3.Theory Questions (90 Mins)
  • State and explain Hess's law of constant heat summation.
  • Write the features of reversible processes.
  • Classify the following into intensive and extensive properties.
  • Pressure, volume, mass, temperature.
  • Define state function and write two examples of it.
  • Define and state the Mathematical Experession For a) Isothermal b) adibatic c) Isochoric d) isobaric
  • State and Explain laws of thermodynamics with Examples

     4.Numericals ( 90 Mins)
  • Based On Work Done 
  • Based on maximum work done
  • Based on Bond Enthalpy
     5. Mind Maps
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