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MHT-CET 2022 5 August Memory Based Questions with Answers (Afternoon Shift):


MHT-CET 2022 5 August Memory Based Questions with Answers (Afternoon Shift): 

MHT-CET 2022 Memory Based Questions with Answers (Afternoon Shift): 

Get the memory-based questions from Physics - Chemistry & Maths section that came in MHT-CET 2022 Exam held in online mode on 5th august 2022.

MHTCET 5 Aug Exam was conducted in Two shifts first shift was scheduled from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Whereas second shift was conducted From 2:30 PM To 5:30 PM
Below you will get the memory based questions , difficulty level ,solution below.

This exam will be conducted till 11SAuguast with daily two shifts .
Student will be able to download the memory based questions soon after the test has been conducted.

If you attended the test in this shift you can help us Providing the questions you remember . 
Required credits will be given in the post. 
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The table given below highlights the subject-wise difficulty level of JEE Main July Session Day 1 Shift 1:

SubjectsDifficulty Level
MathematicsEasy- Moderate

Special Thanks :- Mrunali Doke, Aditi, aarti

MHT-CET 2022 : 5th August (shift 2) Memory Based Questions with Answers (PHYSICS)

Physics - at what temperature the velocity of sound will be 1.5V at NTP

Acceleration of gravity at planet is g/9. What will be time period of Seconds pendulum on that planet

Simple pendulum numerical and second pendulum formula

Spherical balloon numerical

Capacitor, second pendulum,self inductance numerical, photoelectric effect,

MHT-CET 2022: 5th August (shift 2) Memory Based Questions with Answers (CHEMISTRY)

Identify Finkelstein reaction ?
Q ala hota chemistry madhe 
∆Q= 0
Identify thermodynamis process 👍
Solid state - find out mass
Bionolecules - which of the following bionolecules is not der in human body
Iconic- henrys law sum
Polymers- polper used for surgical strutes-nylon 6-6
H20 bond angle
Adiabatic equations 
fcc coordination no.
heat given to the system and work done by system on surrounding,then find increase in internal energy
W=-P∆V numerical
4) name of Hinsberg's test reagent-benzene sulphonyl chloride
2°-alcohol reacts with Cu,product?
which is not a macromolecule-
Chem- which of these has triple bond
Ans- dinitrogen
Positve haloform ki idoform test-:
I think so Acetaldehyde and not Acetophenone(but still somewhat confused)
Definition says that CO-CH3 is must
Acetone asta tar tech asta but te navta

5 Aug shift 2
Q1 -Oxidation of cummene by air in presence of co-napthenate  gives
Q2- which of the following represents Finkelstein reaction( 4 reactions di thi ) 
Q3- which of the following is not lewis acid  a) Ag+ b) Alcl3 c) H20 d)BF3
Q4- which of the following is not synthesize in body
Q5- symmetrical ketone pucha tha 
Q6-R-CHOHR' + Cu 537k —————>
Q7- In which of the following ∆V=0 
Q8- find Internal energy ∆U (numerical)
Q9- Coordination no of FCC
Q10- wrong statement pucha tha green chemistry se
Q11- Iodoform reaction kon deta hai ye pucha tha
Q 12 total no of molecules / atoms of H present in 6 gram of Urea NH2CONH2
Q 13  4 str the 2 degree wale 2 aur 1 degree wale do dono par cl aur br tha  aur Sn2 kon sab se fast dega ye pucha tha

Schoty defect

Cumene ni kay bante-:
Ans-: B)donhi form hotat
I think so because actually mala vatte ki product vicharle hote

MHT-CET 2022: 5th August (shift 2) Memory Based Questions with Answers (MATHS)

1)Find variance of first 10 multiples of 3( lengthy)
limits che hote,
2) L-hospital 
3) volume of tetrahedron
Probability of almost 2 red balls if 4 balls are taken out at random from a box of 5 white, 4 red, 3 black balls

If X (8,½) then find P(|x-4|≤2)

Perpendicular distance vr pn v4la hota

A certain element decomposes from 6gm to 3gm. Find the time period.

Important Dates of MHT CET 2022 Answer Key

Event Name Dates
Exam Date of MHT CET 2022 

August 5 – August 11, 2022 (PCM Group)

August 12 – August 20, 2022 (PCB Group)

Provisional MHT CET 2022 Answer Key Availability Online Last week of August 2022
Online Submission of MHT CET 2022 Objections on Question Paper/Answer keyLast week of August 2022
Release of Final MHT CET 2022 Answer Key2nd week of September 2022

MHT CET 2022 Result - Normalization Process

The exam conducting authority will release the MHT CET 2022 result on the basis of the normalization process. The State Common Entrance Test Cell, Government of Maharashtra has released the MHT CET 2022 result notification formula in the official notification. Along with the result, applicants can also check MHT CET marks vs rank 2022. For more details, candidates can check below.

MHT CET Percentile Score = 100 * (Number of candidates in exam with normalized marks ≤ the candidate) ÷ Total number of candidates in the exam.


MHT CET cut off 2022

The exam conducting authority will release the MHT CET cut off 2022 after the conclusion of the counselling session. The cut off marks will be released separately for all the participating institutes. For more details about MHT CET previous year cut off, applicants can refer to the table below.

MHT CET Cutoff 2020


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