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Most Important Questions HSC 2022 Maharashtra Magnetic Field Due To Electric

1) Explain Construction and working of Moving coil Galvanometer.
2) Explain Biot Savart's Law
3) Define :- Toroid
                 :-  Solenoid
                 :-Lorentz force
4) Senstivity Of MCG
5) Conversion Of MCG to Ammeter & Voltmeter
6)Amperes law with Mathematical Expression
7)Magnetic dipole Moment.
8) Long Straight Wire Derivation

Numerical For Practice 
 Note Practice Such More Numericals

1)A Rectangular coil of 10 turns, each of area 0.05 m2, is suspended freely in a uniform 
magnetic field of induction 0.01 T. A current of 30 µA is passed through it. (i) What 
is the magnetic moment of the coil (ii) What is the maximum torque experienced by 
the coil? 
[ Ans: 15 µA.m2, 1.5 x10-7 N.m ]
2)The magnetic field at the centre of a circular loop of radius 12.3 cm is 6.4 x 10-6 T. 
What will be the magnetic moment of the loop? [Ans: 5.954 x 10-2 A m2]

3)A solenoid of length π m and 5 cm in diameter has winding of 1000 turns and carries a 
current of 5 A. Calculate the magnetic field at its centre along the radius. [ Ans : 2 x 10-3 T]

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